Keeppley Naruto Hokage Ninja’s Office K20514

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Total Bricks: 300+

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Use this Keeppley Naruto Hokage Ninja’s Office K20514 to build classic characters and scenes from Naruto comics and cartoons. This model is an ideal gift for those Naruto fans.

  • This Naruto office scene is one of the most appealing scenes in Naruto animation. The assembled office scene restores countless scrolls and couplets in the office in the animation
  • The fire symbol is also highlighted in this scene model This anime model is additionally equipped with 1 mini-figures, and each Minifigure is equipped with 2 faces for replacement. The coat can be taken off.
  • Full-color step-by-step construction instructions.
  • The size of the model is about 19 cm high, 8 cm long, and 8 cm wide.

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