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No Regrets!

I was skeptical, but this set was awesome. The directions took a little to get used to but then easy to follow. I was missing one pin piece but they truly are compatible, we used a spare from our stash and kept going. No other issues. Customer service is extremely responsive. I will absolutely purchase again and tell my friends. (Still need to attach everything, still working on the final touches ) final product exactly as pictured.

A Lot of missing pieces

Based on the number of missing pieces to my purchase, it was apparent that at least 2 bags of pieces were missing.
I emailed Building Blocks about my missing pieces and was not very pleased about my options.
I could either order the missing pieces from Lego and submit a request to Building Blocks for reimbursement. That doesn't work, because these build specific pieces cannot be purchased from Lego.
Option 2 was to wait 4-6 weeks for my request to be processed and shipped from China.
I am not confident that will happen. I guess I'll know in 4-6 weeks.


Fast delivery,. Complete and flawless set

Simpson house

Arrived all in tact in a bag. No Simpson box which was a disappointment.

In order to keep the beatable prices, we sell the product without the original box. Hope you can understand 🙂

Do NOT buy this unless you’re a masochist.

If you do buy this I will tell you you’re in a world of H-E-double hockey sticks. This set is nearly impossible to assemble. The instructions miss a few steps where blocks should have been placed. Some pieces are 100% missing. Colors on the instructions are not clear enough. Although this is a replica of the OG, I recommend not buying this at all unless you have spare pieces just in case.
It comes in a plastic shipping bag bubbler with none of the bags being numbered meaning you’ll have to sort through every bag separately. It’s a building experience you quite literally need to scavenge for pieces. All comes in different bags, the instructions don’t tell you what bag to open either so you’re on your own to sort through thousands of tiny pieces.
Durability is fine and the only good thing.
Worst of all, if you’re getting this for a child please don’t get this for them. I’m a college adult who loves building blocks and am on day 3 of trying to construct this garbage. A child unless they have a massive IQ will not be able to construct this.
LASTLY, this ships from china, so it’ll take a solid month to a few weeks to get to your house.
Buy at your own risk.

Finally received

I had to wait longer than expected for the shipment (took about 3.5 weeks). But wow! For the price, you're getting a very good rendition of a retired and very pricey Lego set.

The quality/fit and finish of the bricks and components are about an 8.5/9 out of 10 when compared to genuine.

They come packed in Lego style numbered bags and legit looking instructions. Our set didn't come with one piece (the light up piece?) But it doesn't make or break the set in any way. As others may have mentioned, the colors are slightly off and some of the mini-figs are just barely "off" (like 97.5% perfect).

Al in all, it's not a bad deal for something that, unless you're willing to pay an arm and a leg for, is hard to come by. Just be patient with the shipping and reach out to them directly. They provided links to the shipping status and it helped knowing there was some updates.

Mountain Cave - A+++

Mountain Cave - my son desperately wanted this set but I didn’t want to spend $$$ for the real set. I found this one online and gave it a try. Ordered on Dec 7th and crossed my fingers. It actually arrived the morning of the 24th. I couldn’t be any happier with the shipping time it took to come across the ocean. The original tracking link in my email didn’t work, but I emailed the company and they promptly sent me the correct link.

My son and I spent about an hour a day over the next five days putting it together. Very high quality pieces that fit tight and go together well. Instructions were easy to follow with nice color pictures. There are different configurations you can make, and the instructions show how to interchange the pieces.

I’d definitely buy another set.

Never arrived

I got an email to write a review and I was told my order was delivered. My order never came. They charged my card though!! This is a scam.

Hi Ruth, The notification that your order was shipped does not mean it was delivered. Your order never came because it was on the way. Please find the status here

Never received the order

I ordered this set on Dec 7, received shipping details that didn't say anything, and still have not received my order.

Buyer beware.

Your order was shipped from China and it was in last-mile transit. Please find the status here

Hulk buster

Still haven’t received it.

Dear customer, your order was shipped from China and it was in transit. please find the status here

Adorable, display worthy

Fun to do and so adorable.

Great build

All pieces are there. The decals are excellent. The lights are really designed well.

Instructions are a bit small in print.

Pictures of steps could be a bit larger to view easier. Be aware that some of the pieces in the first part are in a small bag not included in any of the big bags. Took a while to find them.

Never received.

Received email that wanted me to review my product. Never received and have no way except email to contact company. Have sent email and will change review when I receive my product.

Hi Tammy, your order is still on the way.
You are welcome to review us again after delivery

Delivered Quickly

i got the Titanic set this time and it was delivered very quickly. but i haven’t opened yet since it’s a christmas present. i have ordered a few times from them in the past and have been very satisfied in the quality. i will probably be ordering more in the future.

So excited!

Bricks look just like Lego. Only disappointment is the the instruction book corners and edges are creased, curled. My grandson is going to enjoy building this. It’s a Christmas present. I will be putting the bags into a nice box to wrap it for him.

Amazing Company-Upside Down World ordered

My Building Blocks Shops is amazing to work with. I had a couple of questions and they responded to my emails extremely quick. My order arrived within 2 weeks of placing it. The quality of the product is excellent. I will definitely purchase other sets in the future from them. PS I had a friend waiting to see if my order arrived and since it did she has already placed an order with you!!!

Better than expected

Shipping was fast but the box looked as if it went through some stuff. It was beat up. Directions were clear for the most part but we were missing at least 20 pieces. Wouldn't order from this brand again

Thanks for your review. Kindly let you know we can help with free replacement if you need it. Please check our replacement policy and email us to submit the request

Millenium Falke

Bisher nur gute Erfahrungen, alles passt sehr gut zusammen, die Anleitung ist gut lesbar. Ich bin allerdings noch am Zusammenbauen.

Love these sets!

I got the palace cinema and it’s perfect I will be ordering EVERYTHING now!

Misleading product information!

The product shown on the company's website IS NOT what they actually sent - it's a completely different dinky little set, not the amazing technic model they say you will get- very disappointed.

Hi James, our customer service will reach out to solve the problem with your order.

Great Build

Excellent substitute for Lego brand.

almost perfect exhibition model

Very good product, it looks excellent when finished
The only downside: the front doors on the right and left do not close as perfectly because the side panels are too wide.

Ninja City Gardens

I have never been disappointed with this company. This is my second time buying a set and i could never be happier. This quality is good and fits with other brands. This set was missing a few pieces but they do have the option where they can resend it. I hope they can add more sets in the future because the price is so affordable. It only took 10 days to ship to china to the US. Thank you again!!

Great kit

Great kit so far. Still working on it. Can't wait to get it done. #first Ferrari