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I want buy this Ghostbuster firehouse! But only from an European warehouse! __

Ninja City Gardens is an amazing experience all around, from building to playing with, this is a set that does not disappoint. The incredible attention to detailing that make these larger sets the works of art that they are has not been overlooked in any way on the City Garden . From the giant koi fish on the side of the building down to the playable arcade game in one of the rooms, there is literally so much play value included with this build. All that being said ordering from MyBuildingBlocksShop couldn’t be any easier and their customer service is spot on with very rapid replies to my questions. The shipping time varies depending on what country your order ships from, but is quick no matter which one it is coming from. Great set Great service and Great value, thank you for making so many large building block sets available at an affordable price, it is appreciated!
Thank you for everything
Willpower Mcvicar

I have ordered three different sets and they were all fun builds One of my sets is the ghost buster fire house that was a fantastic build if you like putting buildings together that�s one to do. I have no missing pieces and delivery time was very fast.

Ordered the LEPIN UCS Millennium Falcon - from the US warehouse- product shipped on time, all pieces were there, and small changes to the parts were documented and replacement parts included. Bricks are just as good as Brand-Name product. Instruction book was complete and accurate. Not bad for a product that costs normally 1000 dollars. Very satisfied, will be a repeat customer for sure.

I bought the Porche 911 RSR set, the price was less than half the price it would be from Lego. The brick quality was great and all the pieces, and some extra, were included. Would definitely recommend the Porche 911 RSR.

A bit nervous to ordering a Ferris Wheel from Building Blocks Shop, but after a few weeks the order arrived, no box supplied but everything in bags apart from one broken piece everything went together with no problems, very pleased with item with use again.

Just finished my second build. 1st was the gt3 rs just finished the Ferrari Pista with power. Instructions were adequate and it actually does run:). For the price you can’t beat it!!! Especially when lego gt3 rs is going for 700+. I’m getting online now for the next build.

This is for Ninjago City Docks 10941 Compatible LEGO 70657.

There were several missing or broken pieces, but we were able to replace those with some from our collection. The colors aren't quite right, and they don't match what's in the book. As for the book itself, several pages were just wrong. You have to be an experienced builder to complete this compatible set.

Would like to see better QA on these before being sold, but as long as you don't look too closely it fits in well with the other sets.

i bought two sets up to now, first one (Superstar destroyer) came in 3 days even before the email saying that it got send arrived, in this set there were two parts which were demaged and not usable, so i had to use my own for them, whisch was unfortunate...
the second set (slave1) took the hole 16 days of shipping which got me a little disappointed, but that was probably just because the first one was so quick, in the second set there where no missing pieces and the manual was also very nice so i am totally happy with them

Got my Slave-1, everything as advertised and loved every minute of building it. Some pieces were missing but the were very replaceable. Imo this is a much more preferable and affordable alternative to getting the Lego's one would want than dealing with the inflated prices of the same sets due to scalpers out there

I purchased the Ninjago City and within seven days my order was at my front door. Really impressed with delivery times. The set is amazing, bright and gigantic!! It took over 25 hours to build. It was missing a few pieces but nothing to stop the build. Plus i have tons of extra pieces and i was able to replace the missing parts. The instruction book was a little different but no problems with the build. I would highly recommend this site!!

I ordered the diagon alley set, and it arrived timely and with all the parts. I haven�t had any issues with the build so far, and I love it 🙂

I know it is inpossable for the ferries wheel to be delivered before Christmas, but my grandson has alway want one for a year now, it sure would make his day...

I have been looking to hogwarts castle for a long time, thank you for making it possible!