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Minecraft Mountain Cave Set

This is a great quality set. My 8 year old was so excited when it arrived within 2 weeks (to Canada) and the tracking was very accurate. It had all the pieces needed and a few extra. The only negative is that the instructions are a little confusing and I needed to assist my son a few times. Most often the images were cut off so without seeing the whole picture my son couldn't figure it out. We worked together and finished it and he has been playing with the characters every day. He loves it!

Still not received 3 weeks after order

Can't review what hasn't been received. I wouldn't have ordered this if I knew it was coming from China prior. No indication until after purchase it was going to be a mo th for delivery. Never again will I order from your website. Non transparent about shipping timelines. Im about to dispute charges with my payment method. What a Joke. Dont buy from here unless you don't need it for 2 months or so... not happy at all with purchase.

Hi Andrew, Your order is on the way and we have emailed you the tracking number. Sorry about the lack of communication. If you did not receive any email notifications, We encourage you to check your promotional folder and spam folder. Our emails do tend to get filtered there by your email provider despite our best intentions.

Ghostbusters Firehouse

I'd love to review the Ghostbusters Firehouse but I never received it.

Hi Stephaine, Your order was partially delivered. Our customer service will follow you up with the tracking and status

Poor service

I ordered the Upside Down Stranger Things for my son’s birthday. Two weeks after the order they said it would not be shipped to Alaska. Three weeks after that they said it was shipped where??? I don’t know
I hope I can get a refund October 2023

Hi Sheri, Your order has been delivered on Oct 26 by YT2328421233000013

Basically as advertised

I ordered this product because my child really wants the original, which costs way way way too much. This product looks like it will be a reasonable approximation, although I haven't yet built it. The instructions look somewhat confusing, and it did not come in a box. So it won't work for my purposes (the non-Lego instructions are too hard for him to follow). But if you are used to unbranded versions of Lego sets, this one seems reasonable.

Ford mustang

I have just started building this. Very much like Lego. So far very good.

Received my order

Im here to update my previous review. I received my package today. The instruction book was roughed up, but no pages are ripped so its fully useable. I found 9 pieces laying at the bottom of the box, so I hope I didn't lose any pieces.
Im also missing one of the bags of pieces. Ive asked customer service for help.
I will be updating this review once I hear back from them and once I obtain the missing pieces.

Jiestar 57014 Antonov An-225 Mriya

No instruction!
It seems to me there are missing parts!

Our customer service will reach you by email to follow up on the replacement

Good Quality

Set fits in with what my grandson needed for his city scape


I bought it for my boyfriend who is a major LOTR fan and he loved it! I was really happy with it, will definitely be buying others!

Don’t order from them

There are parts missing, and can’t put them together so waste the money for my order. I don’t know how much will cost to return them.

Stranger things blocks

This set came packaged in bags from 1-11. It also came with a large instruction book, which seems pretty complicated. One big bag wasn’ t labeled and 2 others have Chinese writing on them. I bought this for my Grandson’s Birthday. Hopefully he is more experienced than I am in figuring this out! Otherwise the figures were great , as was the price. Much cheaper than other sites. It was shipped very quickly which was awesome!

Amended Review

The company has since contacted me about the single missing piece which allows me to update my review from a 4 star to a 5 star review.

Hi Jay, thanks for your review our customer service will follow you up with the replacement. If you got the replacement from somewhere else we can reimburse you the cost.

It was slow on getting here

Amazing Product!

This was our first time getting anything outside of lego brand, and i was a bit skeptical, but it turned out to be an incredibly well made and exact replica of the retired lego set that my son wanted. It showed up 2 days after i bought it, which was exceptionally fast. All the pieces were there, even the super unique ones, and they all fit perfectly and are compatible with other lego. My son is so so happy to be able to have this set, and it wouldnt have been possible without mybuildingblocks. AND it was affordable. Definitely will shop here again and reccomend it to others.

Great Experience.

Just finished the build. All parts in excellent shape, no missing pieces, and fits well with my other modulars. Wish I’d bought Ninja City Docks while it was in stock. Will definitely be checking back.

Perfect Fit

Just what my grandson was looking for to add to his city

Grand Emporium

I will have to be the first to admit that I had no idea this was not a Lego product. Once I received the kit & the way it was packaged I knew it was different. My first impression was how unclear the instructions were not tied to the packaging. However, once I got the hang of it, it became easier. Next were the people. Could you have possibly broken them apart any further. I have not completed the structure yet but I will state that, so far, all pieces have been present & it seems to be going smoothly as I so enjoy this type of project. Suggestions would be better up front instructions & larger font print.

Pleasantly surprised

Only good things to say. Great quality, all pieces fit nicely; some more snug than others but nothing was loose contrary to what I was warned of. Almost indistinguishable from the real thing. Minifigures look great and comparing to official ones they are extremely close to identical. Only downside I found (and this is being picky) is due to the pieces being a cheaper plastic they scratch more easily. Overall I definitely recommend this brand if you're looking for some iconic lego sets without having to fork over hundreds or even thousands of dollars!


Did not receive the train or train station, only received a motor and some train wheels. Got ripped off! Biggest scam ever!!!

Hi Allen, we have looked into your order. It was shipped in two separate packages. The building blocks part is still on the way and we have emailed you the tracking number of shipping.

Pieces were broken and missing

Upon Arrival I opened the package and first opened the bag with the indoraptor in it. The tail end was broken and I was unable to attach it to the rest of the dinosaur. The Owen and Maisie Minifigure were missing, along with numerous other pieces. It was frustrating spending a lot of time trying to find the right pieces only to find out they were never there. Overall very unsatisfied.

Sorry about the issue or broken parts, our customer service will reach you about the replacement.

Not too bad

The diner set was pretty good but it sis have a few cons such as, bricks were harder to snap together, some bricks were missing, and my hands really hurt after this set but it was worth it saving at least $300. i don't know if this goes for the rest of the sets on this site but, it was the same height and everything and looked good next to my other lego sets.i will be buying from this site again and it was overall an alright set

Bugatti Chiron

Came in and it came with everything but some of the bags are poorly labelled and you would have to kinda scavenge for your pieces, some of the pieces are a bit oversized and would just not let the other pieces connect, very frustrating

Pieces are nice, but cant complete due to missing parts

Received package was beat up, but wrapped in plastic. Opening the box I found a bunch of random parts floating in the box. Once I got into the build everything was ok until I got into the bag labeled 2. The pictures in the instructions are a little confusing with the colors being very close and its hard to differentiate the different grays and browns and blacks. I learned you need to count the length rather than trying to depend on color as a guide. As mentioned, once I got to the second bag I found a piece missing from step number ~136. I was able to find the piece in a bag labeled 0-2 figuring this was the right piece. But when I got to around step 152 I found many more missing pieces. This leads me to believe there is a missing bag of pieces (each labeled bag has multiple bags inside it). Another review on this site says he was missing parts and the reply from the company says to contact them. I have tried to send several emails with no response.

Edit: After posting this review I was finally contacted by support. After sending them the same pictures I had already sent to the same email I already sent them, my replacement pieces were on the way from china. It took a couple weeks but they did arrive and I am back into my build. I increased the stars from 1 to 3 because I did get the missing pieces but it should have been done with the first email, not after I was forced to write a review of their service.

Sorry about the communication issue; our email system went down the last two weeks. Our customer service will email you to follow up with a replacement.


Slow processing and shipping. Tracking info is not real time, so you'll never know when the package is going to arrive. Tip: Order a month in advance if for a gift. Box was in bad shape upon arrival, bags were opened inside box. Spent an hour organizing all bags because they weren't all labeled the same. Some had tiny black print that had the model number and bag number and some were like you find in a top brand set with good labeling. It's impossible to know what step the loose pieces go until we start putting it together, and it's going to be extremely difficult. That makes it impossible for a 12 year old to do it themselves! The only reason I bought this was because of the price, but not sure if it's going to be worth it. I have no idea if model pieces are missing, yet. The golden ticket is definitely not in the packaging, but it's shown in the booklet. Very frustrated!