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'52 Classic Car Hot Rod - KCO13

Purchase was shipped quickly, received with out issue. Quality looks good and considering their are very few designs like this I am pleased that I was able to find a Hot Rod brick car.

Off brand bricks?

Are they different in a way?


It was a gift for my son's 25th birthday. He said it was the best present he has ever received.


Very Happy.Purchased 3 at different times

Great thanks for this!

Great! Fast handling!

Just great this Lambo...

Very fun to build instructions are clear. Delivery was relatively fast thanks My Building Blocks Shop!!

As Close As It Gets

Was very impressed with this build. Much better than the Downtown Diner as far as instructions go. Though, Downtown Diner remains one of my favorite buildings once assembled. Features and functions, would have to go to the Garage.

Pieces were in bags labeled with big numbers this time around. The tiny letter for the steps was my only real complaint with the Diner build.

The baseplate for this set had gotten pretty bent during shipping but I won’t take away points for that. It happens.

Also, I had a piece missing for the tow truck. It was easy enough to order a replacement part on EBay. It was here just as I finished the building itself. So again, no points off. Happens even with Lego.

As always, the bricks themselves are very good. Again, something else that seems to be of better quality than the Diner set. For most bricks it’d be nearly impossible for me to tell the difference between these and actual Lego. They are that good. Not every piece. But the vast majority. Very impressed.

The thing that impresses me most with these sets is how they look when completed. Indistinguishable from the modular sets they’re based on.

This was the second set I bought and assembled from I recently bought another, and will certainly continue to do so. Great products at great prices.

Just as good as the "main" brand

The ONLY downside to this build was so many small bags and the numbers had rubbed off some of the bags which made it tough at first. But, once I got through the first round of bags it was much easier. It would be helpful if you labeled the bags better but overall a nice build.

Looks so real only disappointment was the book was wrinkled and the stickers were to big other than that amazing replica

Harry Potter's Hedwig

I'll admit that I was skeptical at first and hesitated to purchase but the price of this won me over. Even though there was no box, all the pieces of the set were there with the instructions. My daughter worked tirelessly and built it within days. It is a really nice set and worth the money.

Very Good idea

Contains alot of parts i like owning. Molds are better than most copies, takes two seconds to get used to not getting a box, but the instructions are pleasant and quite easy to follow. The light kit needs an upgrade but if all you need are ligth it works. When building the cherrytree i recommend compareing it too 40648 money tree, instructions on it begs to be modyfied and is a really cool centerpiece. If you own or buy Dots the floor lends it self to mosaeics😁

Stranger things

Hard to build but looks amazing

Amazing must buy!!

You may have seen the other 1 star reviews on the same set but that is just their problem. They may be assembling the two worlds together while it was standing up but it is best to do it lying down! All of my money saved up for this set and it was the best set I’ve ever gotten! Thank you to who ever designed this set as it caused me no problems!! xx

Very pleased

Top quality. Just as good as actual lego. No missing pieces. All bagged correctly. Just need to find space for it now as it's quite large. Will probably go on the wall. Will definitely shop here again.

Almost Lego

I’ve built a ton of Lego Modulars over the last year or 2 but after a set gets discontinued (like the diner here) they get ridiculously expensive. This particular set with the amazing retro colors really appealed to me, so I was thrilled to come across this website and get what I thought was a second chance at it…

Where Mybuildingblocksshop builds are concerned, I have only built the Diner so far. So I can’t say my review goes for all sets.

But I will say, I was afraid to start building for like a week. The bags have teeny tiny printed codes which I didn’t see at first. So I had no idea where to start.

After I found the print, I went through and marked each bag with a sharpie so they’d be easier to identify when needed and got started.

I then discovered that there are bags for each step, AND communal bags that you will use in every step for the entire kit, I was able to work through the build fairly quickly after that.

The bricks themselves don’t snap together as perfectly as legos do. I found I had to press harder. My fingers hurt after this build. But for off brand they’re quite good.

The Diner (to me) looks just like the official Lego version when completed.

I am however missing the Jukebox and gumball machine. They appear in the instructions in certain picture angles but there is no step or parts for either in the assembly book.

I was missing a few pieces here and there. And I Don’t like the mini figures at all. I only assembled a few of them and put the rest in my off brand parts bag.

Overall, I am happy to have the opportunity to get a second crack at the Diner. I love how it turned out. I will buy more sets from this site. However, I still prefer building Lego brand products.

Really nice build

This was a great build that took about 8-10 hours. No missing or misshapen pieces and it went together without any issues.

Simpson Lego set

I have yet to receive my order and I have emailed you guys to find out where it is and have yet to get a response. My order number was 50676. Any information on this would be great and I would give better review but I have yet to receive it.

Your order was delivered on March 24. Please feel free to email us if you didn't receive your package.

Stranger things MOC 25010

Easy order process, very fast delivery. Not managed to build the set yet but the quality looks goods
Would definitely use again.

Nice Building Block Set

I am enjoying building the Detective's Office. I am about halfway done with it.

Awesome piece of collection

What a solid piece of collection. No missing parts and instructions are clear and well done. Only down side is the fact it arrives in a bag with random numbered bags in it. No box. Looks awesome and legit all in all once finish. Would buy again from no doubt

Hogwarts Castle

She hasn't started building the castle yet. She's working on Diagonal Alley. Ty


Fast shipping, exactly as described, no missing pieces

Perfect all

I like too much thanks

Still waiting

Castle ordered Jan 11 and I still have no castle so I can't review like you are asking me too

Sorry your order is still in transit and you can find the shipping status here
Your order is taking longer than usual because of the Chinese New Year holiday in January