Rebel Snowspeeder MOC 05084 compatible 10129

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Rebel Snowspeeder MOC 05084 compatible 10129

The icy ground quakes to the ‘crump, crump’ of the approaching monstrous Imperial Walkers, much like the hearts and minds of the Rebel infantrymen, doggedly manning the Hoth defences, quake at this fearsome sight. Suddenly, a vanguard of sleek, dart-like shapes screams over the trenches from behind them, powering towards the lurching, towering metal contraptions in the distance. A ragged cheer erupts from the trenches: behold! It is the might of brave Rogue Squadron, blasters firing, determined to stop these Imperial invaders in their mechanical tracks. Could the swift, agile David of the Alliance’s Snowspeeders possibly overcome the lumbering Goliath of the Imperial AT-ATs?

The opening battle scene of The Empire Strikes Back is one of the most memorable of the entire Star Wars epic. At its heart is the modified Incom T-47 Airspeeder, better know as the Snowspeeder, one of the most instantly recognisable of the iconic Star Wars vessels, and here I bring you a detailed examination of Lego’s Ultimate Collector Series version of this classic speeder. Read on, to see how it handles the scrutiny….


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Customer Reviews

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Roger Tjelde
A Lot of missing pieces

Based on the number of missing pieces to my purchase, it was apparent that at least 2 bags of pieces were missing.
I emailed Building Blocks about my missing pieces and was not very pleased about my options.
I could either order the missing pieces from Lego and submit a request to Building Blocks for reimbursement. That doesn't work, because these build specific pieces cannot be purchased from Lego.
Option 2 was to wait 4-6 weeks for my request to be processed and shipped from China.
I am not confident that will happen. I guess I'll know in 4-6 weeks.