TuoMu T7003 Steam Davinci Owl

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Unveiling the Enchanting “Steam Davinci Owl” Collection: A Fusion of Artistry and Engineering!

Step into a realm of marvels with our pride, the “Steam Davinci Owl” collection, a tribute to ingenuity and fantasy that you simply cannot overlook.

About “The House of Da Vinci”:

This collection draws inspiration from the puzzle-adventure genre, transporting players into intricately designed environments reminiscent of the Renaissance era. As an apprentice of the legendary Leonardo da Vinci, your journey unfolds within the enigmatic walls of Da Vinci’s workshop. Uncover secrets, solve puzzles, and immerse yourself in a narrative that echoes the brilliance of the master himself.

The Steam Da Vinci Owl Series:

Inspired by Darwin’s steam concept design drawings, our Steam Da Vinci series presents the Steam Owl. This fantastical creation transcends reality, blending the mystical allure of an owl with the industrial elegance of steampunk design. Immerse yourself in a mechanical wonderland, where exotic colors dance across a canvas of creativity.

Key Features:

  1. Fantastical Design: The Steam Owl takes flight with a fantastical design, merging the elegance of nature’s owl with the intrigue of steampunk elements. The result is a mesmerizing blend of art and engineering.
  2. Mechanical Majesty: Dive into a world of mechanical wonder, where every piece tells a story of innovation and creativity. The strong mechanical style is infused with exotic colors, creating a visual spectacle that captivates the imagination.
  3. High-Quality Bricks: Crafted from 400 high-quality bricks, each piece contributes to the overall brilliance of the Steam Owl. Immerse yourself in the joy of building and witness the collection come to life.
  4. Dimensions: The Steam Owl stands at a proud 23.3 × 20.7 cm, making it a substantial and captivating addition to any collection. It contains 494 detailed parts and accessories.

Manual Instructions:

Embark on your building adventure with clear and detailed manual instructions, guiding you through the assembly of this extraordinary piece.


Packed WITHOUT original box in order to save on shipping and custom duty charges. Items are repacked into padded envelopes with suitable carton boxes for maximum protection.

Total estimated delivery times are provided below. Please allow extra 3-5 working days for the payment process and handling. We cannot accept order cancellations once the orders have been processed. 

US Domestic shipping3-7 business days
EU Domestic Shipping3-5 business days
CA Domestic Shipping3-10 business days
International shipping from China10-15 business days

If you find any missing pieces at any time upon receipt of the package, simply email us with a description or image of the specific block. We will send the replacement to you at NO charge. 


Compatible with All Major Brands: Designed in accordance with universal standards. Our building bricks are compatible with your existing name brand building toys. All parts are easy to put together and dont fall apart.

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